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Counseling Saved Our Marriage

When my wife and I first married, it was with the intent that it would last forever. About six years into the marriage, we found ourselves facing some pretty serious problems. Neither of us knew if the marriage would continue, or even if we wanted to stay married. Fortunately, we found a counselor who helped us make sense of what was a very confusing time. Bit by bit, we were able to get a handle on what was happening and figure out a way to resolve those problems together. Without the help of that counselor, I doubt we would be together today. If you are leery of seeking counseling, let me put your mind at rest. The right therapy will help you find the answers you seek and make it possible to move forward. Stay with me and I'll share a little of what I learned along the way.

Counseling Saved Our Marriage

    Placing Baby For Adoption? 4 Small Gifts That The Adoptive Parents Will Treasure

    Approximately 51,000 babies are adopted each year in the United States. For every baby given up for adoption, there are as many as 36 couples waiting with open arms. If you've decided to give your baby up for adoption, you can rest assured that they are desperately wanted. The couple who adopts your child may have dealt with infertility for years, and they waited several years before being matched. Your child is a gift that they will treasure and love.

    Trying The Amicable Approach? 4 Situations When Family Mediation Might Not Be In Your Best Interest

    If you've tried everything you can to make your marriage work, and it's still failing, it might be time to consider divorce. Unfortunately, divorces can be stressful on all the parties involved. Family mediation is a way to avoid some of that stress. Through mediation, you and your spouse will work with a family lawyer to come to a settlement that you can both agree to. In most cases, family mediation will result in a divorce agreement that doesn't require courtroom intervention.

    More Than Being Hyperactive: When ADHD Is Mistaken for Childhood Trauma

    Children have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, commonly known as ADHD, for decades. The typical symptoms of excessive energy, inability to sit still, and disorganization are often used to confirm the diagnosis. Children diagnosed with ADHD are often medicated and sent for counseling to learn effective methods to channel their excessive energy in a more positive way. However, studies reveal that some children's symptoms may actually be linked to childhood trauma rather than ADHD.

    Occupational Therapy For Children With Autism

    Occupational therapy is a type of treatment that helps people be more independent and live satisfying lives. There are many people that are in need of occupational therapy, including those who suffered a severe injury, to people with emotional or mental disabilities. Children with autism can also benefit greatly from this type of treatment by teaching them personal care, daily chores, and other tasks of daily life. Here is more information about occupational therapy for children with autism.

    Out Of Control: The Destructive Pattern Of Emotional Eating

    Have you ever started a diet and found it impossible to stick to the plan for more than a day or two? Do you find yourself eating mindlessly or eating in secret? If so, you may be eating to soothe your emotions. If you're an emotional eater, being overweight is about more than just eating too much or not getting enough exercise. Sticking to a weight loss plan may be impossible until you get to the root issue of why you are eating: