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Counseling Saved Our Marriage

When my wife and I first married, it was with the intent that it would last forever. About six years into the marriage, we found ourselves facing some pretty serious problems. Neither of us knew if the marriage would continue, or even if we wanted to stay married. Fortunately, we found a counselor who helped us make sense of what was a very confusing time. Bit by bit, we were able to get a handle on what was happening and figure out a way to resolve those problems together. Without the help of that counselor, I doubt we would be together today. If you are leery of seeking counseling, let me put your mind at rest. The right therapy will help you find the answers you seek and make it possible to move forward. Stay with me and I'll share a little of what I learned along the way.

Counseling Saved Our Marriage

Occupational Therapy For Children With Autism

by Victoria Frazier

Occupational therapy is a type of treatment that helps people be more independent and live satisfying lives. There are many people that are in need of occupational therapy, including those who suffered a severe injury, to people with emotional or mental disabilities. Children with autism can also benefit greatly from this type of treatment by teaching them personal care, daily chores, and other tasks of daily life. Here is more information about occupational therapy for children with autism.

How Occupational Therapy Helps

Occupational therapists are experienced at a wide range of techniques that can be useful for children with autism. The first selection of treatments are more old-fashioned, but still widely used today. For example, they will help with basic skills like teaching them to tie their shoes and button their shirts, and skills like reading and writing. Nowadays, occupational therapists have gone further in their techniques and are now helping with developing social skills, proper playing and sharing skills, and helping with sensory integration.

Types of Services and Activities

Throughout the course of treatment, the occupational therapist will provide a lot of different services and activities for your child. They often start with intervention, which allows the child to become familiar with responding to different senses. For example, they will show the how to throw a ball into a pit or learning to use a swing.

Incorporating play activities – The occupational therapist introduces your child to social skills, play time, sharing, and communicating with others. Play activities start when the child is alone then gradually includes playing with other children.

Help with transition – Some activities are meant to help your child with transitions. Children with autism often have difficulty adapting to different life phases and settings, even dealing with different people. The therapist helps them learn to transition and adapt when things change.

The Success of Treatment

Every child will react differently to each treatment you attempt. While many autistic children do very well with occupational therapy, it doesn't work in 100 percent of the cases. However, it is a good place to start and can be used in conjunction with other forms of therapies and treatments.

Finding a Good Occupational Therapist

If you have a child with autism and you believe they can benefit from an occupational therapist, there are a few ways to find a good one. Start by locating support groups in your area for children with autism. Many of these groups have the best resources for treatments, including finding this type of therapist. You can also ask your child's pediatrician, as they will also know of specialists in the area, especially those covered under your insurance network. You might also want to ask your local social services department for a list of therapists, such as Bock Belisle & Associates.